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Start Date:11/16/2016

Start Time:11:30 AM EST

Duration:60 minutes


Pre- & probiotics play a key role in maintaining a healthy microbiota and influencing numerous health end points. From general gut health to immune support, skin health, weight management, cholesterol control, infant health, cognitive function and mood, the research continues to build.

There is also innovation on the formulation side, with pre- and probiotics now turning up in products as diverse as instant coffee, pizza bases, baking mixes, RTD smoothies, juices, and much more

The NutraIngredients-USA Pre- & Probiotics Forum will assemble a top quality panel of experts to discuss the science, regulatory, and business challenges and opportunities.


George Paraskevakos

Executive Director

International Probiotics Association

George is the executive director of the International Probiotic s Association (IPA). George has been involved with the probiotic industry since 2007 where he served in various roles from business development to account management with a globally recognized probiotic producer. During this time he also served on the IPA board of directors and had 2 mandates as president before taking on the association’s leadership role as executive director. George represents the IPA in the media, to all probiotic industry stakeholders, and in appearances at conventions, conferences, and other symposiums.

Some of the on-going IPA initiatives for the probiotic industry that he is piloting are, outreach programs to different regulators around the world, education platforms for health care providers and consumers in the way of probiotic conferences through the IPA and other event company partners and media outlets, expanding IPA offices in other regions of the world, publishing probiotic related papers addressing pertinent subject matter in the industry, blogs through IPA social media platforms, and collaborating with other associations in order to consolidate the probiotic message. IPA is also part of the Advisory council for the newly formed Center for Digestive Health (IFNH) at Rutgers U, and the AEP (Alliance for the Education of Probiotics).

IPA’s mission is to bridge the gap of all stakeholders in the probiotic sector and be the unique platform where all these entities interact in enabling the probiotic industry’s awareness and growth. George’s focus is to continue driving the positive message for probiotic benefits and have the IPA continue being the Global Voice of Probiotics.

Ivan Wasserman, FDA/FTC/CPSC


Amin Talati & Upadhye, LLP

Ivan is one of the nation’s premier attorneys for health, wellness, beauty and other consumer products. Companies of all sizes making, marketing and selling food, dietary supplements, and cosmetics praise the depth of his knowledge and experience, his humor and his ability to maintain the human perspective while leading them through this heavily regulated landscape. Frequently cited by the media as a legal authority, Ivan helps his clients launch products and create and execute advertising campaigns that match the clinical evidence they have for their products, paying close attention to the changing rules governing internet marketing, consumer testimonials and social media. Ivan advocates for clients subject to the often overlapping jurisdictions of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission. When advertising disputes arise, he regularly represents companies before the National Advertising Division (NAD) and the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP). He has been included in Best Lawyers in America from 2007 – 2017.

Silvano Arnoldo

Probiotics Industry Consultant

Jarrow Formulas Inc

Silvano Arnoldo is currently working as a probiotics industry consultant for Jarrow Formulas Inc. Worked as sales manager for 2 major global suppliers of probiotics cultures from 1991 through 2002, and as a consultant since 2003. He has a B.Sc. degree in Biology, complemented with knowledge in nutrition and naturopathy.

Hank Schultz

Senior Correspondent

Hank Schultz is the Senior Correspondent for NutraIngredients-USA and FoodNavigator-USA. He has experience in the dietary supplements and food business and also in the daily newspaper industry, where he was an editor with the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, Colorado.

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