The tiniest of lives deserve advanced personalized ventilation
Here is your chance to register for the online part of the Getinge’s Ventilation Summit: management of the neonate!

Respiratory support for neonates requires a delicate balance between over- and under-assisted ventilation based on a neonate’s individual physiology. This in turn can help to protect and support the tiny patient’s lungs, brain and other organs.

During the Getinge Ventilation Summit passionate speakers, of great renown, from around the world will share their experience and knowledge with participants. They will discuss a diverse range of ventilation support topics from the delivery room to rescue therapy as well as complicated patient cases.

We are happy to invite you to be a part of this educational summit and spend the day with us virtually.

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The event will be live from Getinge’s Experience Center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Please note that by registering here, you “only” register for the online part of the event. If you want to join us physically in Frankfurt’s Getinge Experience Center, please feel free to give us your contact details here and we will make sure someone from the team gets in touch with you.

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