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Here’s your second chance to be “the one” who convinces your organization to become more agile. Register for the PMI Organizational Agility Conference: Setting the Stage for Innovation. Access to this exclusive, members-only event is free to all PMI members. Don’t delay – this virtual event is only available for 90 days after the live event – until 15 December. Plus, certification holders can earn 6.5 PDUs for attending.


This event brings to your desk new and innovative ideas on today’s hottest agility topics such as Hyperagility and the emerging role of DevOps.


The agenda includes:


  • Keynote: The Agility Factor: The Routines of Sustainable Performance by Christopher Worley
  • Removing Obstacles from the Value Stream by Jason DuMars
  • Adapt or Die: Creating Agility across the Organization by Joseph Flahiff
  • Agile Portfolio Management by Shane Hastie
  • Getting Fit for Organizational Agility in a VUCA World by Dr. Nick Horney
  • Hyperagile Organizations seen from the Inside by Yves Cavarec


After the conference, you’ll know how to bring your organization closer to this norm, with practical tools and techniques for:

  • Agile planning
  • Adapting to non-stop change—both internal and external
  • Getting ahead of changes on the horizon
  • Positioning for success in a constantly evolving environment


Register today to get your enterprise ahead of the curve—and the competition. (If you attended the live event and would like to access the on demand sessions, use the login information provided to you the day before the virtual conference.)


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PMI 2015 Organizational Agility Conference : Setting the Stage for Innovation
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