Creating a Path to a Smart City Workforce

Broadcast Date: February 1, 2017

Duration: 60 minutes

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In a hyper-connected age, cities are acutely aware of the need to have well-educated, diverse and entrepreneurial citizens in order to be competitive and to fuel innovation and economic growth. There isn't a single, silver-bullet solution that will magically poise cities and their workforces for success in a digital world. However, there is a series of investments and pragmatic steps that cities and businesses can take (together) to create a smarter, more agile, competitive workforce.

This webcast will explore:

  • Approaches for identifying untapped talent pools within the existing workforce
  • Enabling better public/private sector partnerships to mobilize talent
  • How to create collaborative environments where non-traditional education can up-skill, establish vital knowledge pools, and seek continuous learning opportunities


Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn

Chief Knowledge Officer; Vice President and General Manager
Cisco Services

Gordon Feller

The Meeting of the Minds

Gordon Feller is Co-Founder and Board Co-President of Meeting of the Minds, a global thought leadership network and platform culminating in an annual summit each Fall.
Feller is a consultant with Cisco Systems and was Director of Urban Innovation at headquarters in Silicon Valley from 2010-2016. During that time, he served in an executive capacity within the company’s programs focused on cities.

Tim Draper

Founder of Draper University and Draper Associates/DFJ venture capital firm

Tim Draper founded Draper Associates in July, 1985, which when joined by John Fisher and Steve Jurvetson became the venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (now DFJ). Investments include Skype, Hotmail, Tesla, Baidu, Theranos, and Overture, among many others. With Draper Associates, investments include Twitch.TV, YeePay, Indiegogo, Docusign, Parametric Technology and AngelList. He is the creator of viral marketing, a marketing method for spreading a software application from customer to customer, instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and Skype among hundreds of others including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. He founded the DFJ/Draper Network, a global network of venture funds who work together to improve service to entrepreneurs, covering 30 cities around the world. He has been listed as #46 of the most outstanding Harvard alumni, #7 on the Forbes Midas List, #1 Most Networked Venture Capitalist by Always On, and #98 on the 2014 Worth Magazine 100 Most Powerful People in Finance. He has won numerous awards and honors and is regularly featured in the press as a leading supporter of entrepreneurship.

James Weinberg

Chief Executive Officer
The FUSE Corps

James Weinberg leads FUSE Corps, a California-based nonprofit that enables local government to more effectively address the biggest challenges facing urban communities. FUSE partners with government leaders to identify strategic challenges and then recruits executives from the private sector to serve in yearlong fellowships in civic innovation working across issue areas such as education, health, poverty, public safety and the environment. With support from partners like Omidyar Network and the Irvine Foundation, FUSE is demonstrating the potential of cross-sector collaboration as a vehicle for community-based problem solving. James previously served as Co-Founder & Chairman of AchieveMission, a management-consulting firm dedicated to increasing the impact of nonprofits and foundations by improving their capacity for leadership development. Prior to that, he served as the Co-Founder & CEO of Commongood Careers, a retained search firm focused on addressing the unique recruiting needs of the nation’s social entrepreneurs.

Scott Mauvais

Head of Civic Innovation

Scott Mauvais is the Director of Technology and Civic Innovation at Microsoft where he works with local leaders to infuse technology into existing real-world systems to make cities better places to live, learn, work, and innovate. Scott has been at Microsoft 16 years. Most recently, he was the Director of the Microsoft Technology Center, an innovation lab where Microsoft’s top architects work hand-in-hand with Fortune 500 companies to envision, architect, and prove out solutions based on Microsoft’s newest technologies. Prior to that, Scott worked for Microsoft Consulting Services where he ran early stage projects for customers in Microsoft's Early Adopter Program. He has written extensively for Microsoft Press and Ziff-Davis. Scott serves on the national boards of Upwardly Global and Community Technology Alliance and co-owns of The WELL, the ground breaking online community that is now entering its 30th year. When not working, Scott enjoys skiing in the winter, backpacking in the summer, and seeing—and photographing—as much live music as possible year round.

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Creating a Path to a Smart City Workforce

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