Meet your growing data needs with software-defined storage


Need storage for your growing data? You’re not alone. Organizations are facing increasing amounts of data, but often lack flexible, scalable storage systems. A software-defined storage system that offers a petabyte-scale and supports native integration with cloud infrastructures, as well as web-scale object storage, is a good solution.

In this webinar, you'll learn about Red Hat® Ceph Storage, including:

  • Challenges addressed by software-defined storage systems.
  • The architecture of Red Hat Ceph Storage.
  • Red Hat Ceph Storage daemons—monitor daemon (MON), object storage daemon (OSD), and metadata server daemon (MDS)—and available access methods.
  • Deployment tools, including Ansible by Red Hat and the ceph-ansible playbook.

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Adolfo Vazquez

Services content architect, Red Hat

Adolfo is a services content architect on the Red Hat Curriculum team. Since 2014, he has contributed to the development of the emerging technologies curriculum for Red Hat on areas such as cloud computing, storage, and automation. Previously, Adolfo worked on IT infrastructure management, training, and as a solution architect for organizations such as United Nations and European Space Agency.


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Meet your growing data needs with software-defined storage

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