Maintaining Software Quality while Scaling DevOps

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DevOps is about balancing tools, processes, and people. As teams roll out tooling to support their DevOps processes, developers are experiencing huge gains in the form of increased velocity and operational efficiencies. In some cases, though, this can come with a price in the form of reduced quality assurance.  

Quality is the entire team’s responsibility, but QA professionals know the processes and techniques needed to right-size testing, identify and track bugs quickly, and discover the root of a problem.

This web seminar will use real-world examples to show how virtualization, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and analytics are converging to lower the barriers to delivering functional and performance automation at scale.

You will learn how to:

  • Use continuous integration for pipeline-driven continuous testing
  • Implement performance and functional validation for continuous testing
  • Make virtualization, cloud technologies, and AI part of your environment

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Robert Gutierrez

Robert is a career IT architect and solution marketing lead for Micro Focus’s Functional Test Automation portfolio. With almost two decades of experience working in public and private sectors as a tester, developer, and leader, he now draws from both theory and firsthand experience to help other teams find their perfect-fit testing solution.

Eric Albaugh

Eric Albaugh is a solution architect with the Americas SWAT team and is the ALM Octane product specialist. For the last five years he has worked with organizations across the Americas as they continue on their DevOps journeys. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with his wife, Rachel, and their dog, Georgia, who doubles as a fox. Eric and Rachel are expecting their first child in November and will take all the advice they can get.


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