Managing Continuous Testing Right to Deliver Digital Transformation

Start Date:6/18/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM 

Duration:60 minutes

To meet the demands and pace of digital transformation, businesses are transitioning to DevOps to achieve faster development cycles.  Testing must also evolve, and continuous testing has been at the forefront of this tactical shift.

Testing early, often, and comprehensively and using automation to drive release goals are essential to gaining faster feedback, reducing risks, and delivering high-quality products at speed.

However, many think that continuous testing simply means more test automation. While continuous testing does rely heavily on test automation to achieve its purpose, it also requires organizational change.  

Join this web seminar to learn about continuous testing with a focus on the people, processes, and tools that matter in delivering on the DevOps promise.

We’ll talk about some of the top things you need for digital transformation:

  • Systems that support multiple devices and different operating systems across mobile and web
  • Seamless collaboration and a shared ownership of quality through modern SaaS-based tools
  • Easy, flexible, and ready-made integrations with tools in your CI/CD pipeline
  • Shifting testing left by incorporating automation frameworks
  • Continuous monitoring through checkpoints and feedback loops to gain valuable analytics from manual and automated tests

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Puneet Shukla

Country Head and Managing Director at Infosys Limited, Netherlands Puneet is responsible for Infosys business in the Netherlands. He comes with 20+ years of IT experience and has a great passion about technology & innovation. He is working closely with many financial institutions in the region and helping them to drive their digital transformation journey. He believes that the innovation in technology will drive the future of our businesses.

Harshal Vora

QA Engineer


Harshal is a Product Specialist leading solution engineering initiatives to drive development efficiency, improve business agility and help capture new revenue streams across industry verticals.


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