3 Keys to Successful EMP Implementation in the Dairy Industry: From Action to Prediction

On Demand until November 10, 2022

Duration:30 minutes


Global dairy expert Jack Van Der Sanden reveals the top 3 best practices when you are searching for pathogens lurking in your facility. Translating your Environmental Monitoring Program from a plan into action requires each operation to address these key areas to ensure a successful and sustainable program:
  1. Choose the right targets
  2. Optimize your sampling execution
  3. Have a data-driven action plan
Choosing the right targets, the right sampling points, and the right tools enable your dairy facility to not only find the pathogens, but to make sense out of the data backed by a sound and logical implementation plan.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to leverage the right digital tools for your data and take preventive decisions in real-time.
  • How to select the best sampling points, frequency and number of samples.
  • How to use Enterobacteriaceae as an indicator of choice for your EMP at your Dairy facility.
  • How the in-house testing enhances the decisions at an operational level.


Jack van der Sanden

Senior Food Safety Advisor


Jack van der Sanden has worked in the global food industry for 35 years. With a strong cross-functional background, he has led production, technical, supply chain and food safety & quality teams. He is currently a Senior Food Safety Advisor with bioMérieux, helping food manufacturers around the world with Food Safety & Quality challenges. Previously, Jack was the General Manager of Food Safety & Quality Assurance at Fonterra, a multinational dairy co-operative based in New Zealand. During this time, he led a company-wide food safety review of Fonterra’s manufacturing base and redesigned the company’s food safety and quality standards for HACCP and Environmental Pathogen Management (EPM). Jack has advised many local and international food businesses and managed consultancy projects and training in the USA, Europe and Asia. He has a food technology degree from The Netherlands and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dairy Science & Technology from Massey University in New Zealand.


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