Enablement and Efficiency for Remote Testing Teams

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Organizations are quickly adapting to the "new normal" as they attempt to minimize disruption caused by a sudden need to support testers working remotely, without compromising quality or efficiency. Whether due to unanticipated global events or as part of your organization's remote testing strategy, the need to continue your test cycles unhindered is paramount. 

This web seminar will cover two essential aspects of scaling your remote testing capabilities: enablement and efficiency.

You have to learn what is needed from a people, process, and systems perspective to enable remote testing in your organization. Successful remote teams are born out of organizations that understand the culture shift needed.

But remote testing isn’t just about enabling your team and implementing the right culture. It’s more important than ever to maximize your testing efficiency to overcome any inherent challenges and shortcomings that a remote team may inject into your release cycles.

You will learn:

  • The importance of a culture shift to ensure success
  • How your peers are managing remote testing
  • What the testing landscape will look like after employees start returning to work
  • Why many organizations are planning to allow employees to work remotely forever
  • How to drive efficiency into your remote testing cycles

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Frank Moyer



CTO at Kobiton. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Georgia Tech’s ATDC and former President/CEO of GeoIQ


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