How to Eliminate the “I only changed one line of code” Excuse and Improve Accountability Across Your Organization

Duration:60 minutes

Are you struggling with accountability when it comes to your software and software processes? Is communication and understanding between management, engineering teams and customers a nightmare when it comes to development?

Imagine if everyone from top to bottom, and even outside of your organization, had a way to monitor software development and develop substantial metrics? What if that equalled an increase in team morale and a boost in financial gain? And what if you could finally eliminate the “I only changed one line of code” excuse once and for all? V-cubed Solutions’ QUALITYSCROLL COVER tool is a real-world solution to the accountability problem.

Join our upcoming webinar as we walk through actual scenarios outlining how organizations in industries like automotive, aerospace, defense, finance, nuclear power plants, railways, and solution R&D can solve the accountability issues that constantly plague their software and software processes.

You will learn:

  • How to improve communication and understanding at all levels of your organization.
  • How to monitor software development and provide key metrics.
  • How improved accountability can increase team morale.

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Michael Mann

General Manager

V-cubed Solutions

Michael Mann has obtained inimitable experience over a dynamic 30-year career that has spanned across consumer electronics, automotive, medical and defense industry fields. During this time, he has excelled in sales and development, engineering and executive management roles pertaining to strategies and new product launches. Currently, Michael is the General Manager and Senior Director of Business Development at V-cubed Solutions where he is responsible for developing strategy to cultivate and manage new global business opportunities. Positions prior to V-cubed include startups OpenMobile World Wide and S1nn, in addition to a 14-year career at solutions provider Harman International, where he steered large scale project teams and software validation of global products. Michael’s specialties include identifying early technologies, creating roadmaps to integration on a national/international level while refining customer contacts and communication. Other significant experience includes product definition, engineering specification, design and contract negotiation of non-standard products and technology.

Richard Han

Director of Technical Development

V-cubed Solutions

Richard Han has amassed an abundance of software development experiences over a 20+ year career. Focus of Richard’s career has been on mission critical industries such as Avionics, Automotive, Railway, Defense, Energy, Maritime, Medical Devices and Nuclear Power. Currently, Richard is Director of Technical Development at V-cubed Solutions, Inc. where he is responsible for obtaining technical product knowledge and developing the business and strategy for the global market. Prior to V-cubed Richard was an instrumental in the growth of V-cubed’s parent company Suresoft Technologies, Inc.. Richard’s successes and experiences are but not limited to his expertise are Functional Safety, Software Quality, Software Development Process, Software Verification and Validation. Further experience includes product definition, system/software requirement analysis and system/software architecture design based on safety mechanism.


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