Common Challenges in Scaling Enterprise Test Automation

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Enterprise test automation is hard. Most testers understand the reality and are prepared for it, but some companies grossly underestimate the task, producing more debt than progress further down the line. Seeing results takes patience, perseverance, and thoughtful collaboration between colleagues.

What does that mean for the beginning, middle, and end of your TestOps journey? Is there ever really an end?

This web seminar analyzes how one company went from mostly manual testing to drastically improving their quality process and advanced test automation strategies in less than a year.

We'll cover:
  • Challenges and obstacles common to teams just starting with test automation
  • Where the organization started and how they decided on test automation as the best route to success
  • The triumphs and value the organization realized as a result of taking the leap into test automation
  • How to integrate test automation into an overall quality approach

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Crystal Escalante

SVP IT Process and QA


As a senior strategic leader, I help define, communicate and implement a company’s quality strategy and vision. With extensive experience supporting QA solutions for enterprise-level applications and systems and managing large onshore/offshore teams in high-growth environments, I bring a creative and knowledgeable approach to achieving business and product goals alike.

Ryan Silvera

I'm a Senior Test Engineer on the mobile applications at GreenSky. I've been in QA for 7 years (5 years at GreenSky) and always had a focus on testing in the mobile space. My background in mobile game development originally sparked my interest in the growth of testing for mobile software, and this interest continues to grow years later as new technologies and techniques emerge.

Mason Dula

Mobile QA Automation Engineer at GreenSky. I’ve been in QA for 7 years, with the last 5 of those being at GreenSky. I’ve always been interested in tech, games, and computing, so when a large part of my focus in school was UX, it was only natural that I gravitated toward the mobile tech field.



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Common Challenges in Scaling Enterprise Test Automation
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