Successful Test Automation Practices from Innovative Brands

Start Date:6/25/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM 

Duration:60 minutes

While test automation is a struggle for many teams across the globe, there are companies that have mastered the technique and are executing a successful test automation strategy—and we can learn from them.

Join this web seminar to learn from Angie Jones’s extensive research on how these top companies are successfully approaching test automation. Get specific examples of effective test automation practices the speakers have seen from multiple consulting engagements, and discover what these innovative brands are doing right.

You will get: 

  • A collection of empirical data highlighting common practices companies are employing to obtain test automation success
  • A roadmap to improve your automaton strategy over time
  • Recommendations based on case studies of a variety of companies that tapQA has consulted with

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Angie Jones

Angie Jones is a Senior Developer Advocate who specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by speaking and teaching at software conferences all over the world, writing tutorials and technical articles on, and leading the online learning platform Test Automation University. As a Master Inventor, Angie is known for her innovative and out-of-the-box thinking style which has resulted in more than 25 patented inventions in the US and China. In her spare time, Angie volunteers with Black Girls Code to teach coding workshops to young girls in an effort to attract more women and minorities to tech.

Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner is a Test Architect and Principal Consultant with tap|QA. He has over 13 years of industry experience as a Software Tester, Engineer, Developer, and Architect; He is primarily focused on driving innovative test automation practices and strategies within a number of organizations ranging from software to hardware. He enjoys sharing his technical prowess with industry colleagues and has given several technical presentations on test automation strategies and best practices. His areas of expertise are software testing, artificial intelligence, test automation and open source technologies.

Kirk Walton

Vice President


Kirk Walton has 20 years experience in the IT Services industry (starting as a Lotus Notes consultant in 1999!) His experience includes consulting, recruiting, marketing, and consulting services leadership. Kirk is incredibly passionate the people aspects of the IT Services industry, and about building teams and helping organizations and individuals find the perfect fit with one another. He established the recruiting and marketing practices at tap|QA, a national consulting firm exclusively focused on QA, Test Automation and DevOps.


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