The Testing Practices and Metrics That Put DevOps and Agile Leaders Ahead of the Pack

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A new Forrester research project surveyed more than six hundred organizations to determine what matters the most for DevOps and agile success. The research discovered a number of interesting findings. For instance, teams who follow five core continuous testing practices have much more mature agile and DevOps adoptions than those who do not. Agile and DevOps leaders also measure quality differently from the “laggards.” The most successful teams focus on contextual metrics (e.g., risk coverage), while others focus on “counting” metrics (e.g., number of tests). Additionally, leaders are more likely to measure the user experience across an end-to-end transaction, rather than application-specific or team-specific metrics.

Join this web seminar to delve into a detailed analysis of the research findings, including the twenty most important quality metrics that separate DevOps and agile experts from their less advanced peers. All attendees will gain complimentary access to the complete report.

You will learn:

  • How DevOps and agile are fundamentally altering the way we measure quality
  • The five continuous testing practices that will transform your testing
  • The twenty most important DevOps and agile quality metrics that separate leaders from laggards
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Wayne Ariola

Chief Marketing Officer


Known for his efforts to promote continuous testing, Wayne Ariola has contributed to the design of many innovative technologies and received several patents for his inventions. A recognized leader on topics such as service virtualization, SOA and API quality, software quality governance, and application security, Wayne is a frequent contributor to industry publications and author of Continuous Testing for IT Leaders. He has been a contributor to software testing for fifteen years and in the software industry for more than twenty.



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The Testing Practices and Metrics That Put DevOps and Agile Leaders Ahead of the Pack
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