Automate API Testing with Artificial Intelligence

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With users’ increasing demand for speed, organizations are looking to agile to accelerate the software development and delivery process. But many testing teams struggle to keep pace with these efforts. Most of a tester’s time is spent either executing manual UI tests or fixing broken automated tests. As a result, releases get delayed because they haven’t been fully tested—or worse, they are just sent out the door with defects—and the agile process that was intended to improve quality ends up being ineffective.

But by using artificial intelligence to convert manual UI tests into automated, scriptless API test scenarios, you can lower the barrier to testing. AI gives testing teams the ability to shift their testing efforts left with automated API testing, greatly reducing remediation time.

Join Theresa Lanowitz from Voke Research and Parasoft’s Chris Colosimo as they discuss the barriers to agile and how new AI technology revolutionizes API testing.

You will learn:

  • The impact of agile on testing and why it can cause a misalignment between dev and test
  • Why current tools need to get smarter, i.e., why AI and why now?
  • How to easily integrate API test scenarios into your existing test strategy and pave the way for more testing maturity

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Chris Colosimo

Product Manager


Chris Colosimo is a product manager with expertise in SDLC acceleration through automation. Chris strategizes product development and deployment of Parasoft’s continuous testing solutions (Parasoft SOAtest, Virtualize, and Continuous Testing Platform) across major enterprises such as CapitalOne and CareFirst, working with developers and testers to discover constraints, evolve process, and facilitate the change management required to adopt agile and DevOps principles throughout an organization.

Theresa Lanowitz

Founder and Head Analyst


Theresa Lanowitz is recognized worldwide as a relentless advocate for software quality. She is a strategic thinker and influencer in the software lifecycle and its transformation, including testing, virtualization, cloud computing, cyber security, embedded systems, IoT, release management, and mobile software.


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Automate API Testing with Artificial Intelligence
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