Is Traditional Metrology Keeping Pace With Your Production Needs?


Duration:30 minutes


Though a critical component, metrology remains a complex and cumbersome part of the production process that often fails to support advanced manufacturing capabilities. These shortcomings introduce inefficiencies, slows throughput, increases manufacturing costs, and could potentially increase quality escapes. In this webinar, experts will outline key issues with conventional metrology systems and introduce an innovative high-speed non-contact multipurpose measurement platform that will help the quality needs of advanced manufacturing. 

  • Modern products require multiple measurements typically performed by several resources and using manual methods. How can non-contact systems utilize fewer resources and improve measurement quality?
  • Current metrology tools and methods are slow, reducing production volumes and time to market. How can advanced sensor and material handling technologies improve throughput?
  • Conventional manufacturing processes require multiple systems and methods to perform advanced metrology functions. How can multiple technologies be integrated into one system to perform multiple, simultaneous measurements?

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Shawn Boling

Director, ZeroTouch Product

DWFritz Automation, Inc.

Shawn Boling has led engineering and innovation development with world-renowned research, applied development companies for nearly two decades, supporting production and advanced manufacturing. He has led key technology transformations for Advanced Technology in mechanical, software, and control systems for auditing automation. He also advanced 3D Rapid Prototyping efforts in the medical industry through CT Scan conversion by creating craniofacial models and custom prosthetics for surgeries. These advanced manufacturing methods integrated surgical instrument fixtures with techniques resulting in a 60% reduction in related subsequent patient surgeries, while accelerating the patients overall recovery path. Shawn is currently responsible for NPI development for the ZeroTouch® family of products within DWFritz Automation, Inc. where he specializes in Strategic Technology development. He has over 35 years of engineering, NPI, and program management experience in a variety of challenging industries, holds multiple patents, and advanced degrees in both Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.

Wyatt Hoffart

Sr. Metrologist, Engineering

DWFritz Automation, Inc.

Wyatt Hoffart has over 22 years of engineering experience in manufacturing, design, and metrology management. He is currently a Senior Metrologist at DWFritz Automation, a global provider of high-precision inspection and automation solutions for advanced manufacturing. Prior to DWFritz, he was a Metrology Manager with Orchid Orthopedics, overseeing all dimensional inspection methods, including implementing protocol methodologies for dimensional studies, writing and executing IQ, OQ, PQ procedures for metrology equipment (CMMs, Optical comparators), and creating a configuration management system for metrology tools (gages, fixtures, overlays). Wyatt has performed thermal processing of Cobalt- and Nickel-based Alloys, Martensitic, Austenitic, Precipitation Hardened, Ferritic and Duplex Stainless Steels, Alloy Steels, designing and implementing alloy optimization programs, utilizing rapid prototyping (wax thermo jet and SLA patterns), and designing injection tools to meet dimensional requirements. Wyatt holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from North Dakota State University and a Six-Sigma Black Belt certification from the Washington Manufacturing Association.



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Is Traditional Metrology Keeping Pace With Your Production Needs?
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