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Bridging MarTech and AdTech: Best Practice for Digital Marketers

Start Date:1/17/2019

Start Time:12:00 PM CST

Duration:60 minutes


In the last 10 years the digital advertising space exploded with the growth of DMPs and DSPs, giving digital marketers new ways to find and attract audiences. In the last few years, the market has shifted again with the introduction of CDPs giving marketers a new and powerful tool to augment and supercharge existing services. This webinar will walk you through what each service does, when you should consider using it, and best practices for combining them together.

This Webinar Will Cover:
  • DMPs, DSPs and CDPs definitions and use cases 
  • How to leverage/enrich 1st party data inside existing martech and adtech 
  • Security and ensuring you maintain customer privacy and ethical use of data

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Henry Li

Henry is Director of Business Development for Digital Marketing at Arm Treasure Data. Prior to joining Arm, Henry led mobile strategic partnerships at Neustar. He has also held senior management roles at Telenav and Yahoo. Henry is passionate about helping marketers be more successful by using data to better plan, launch and optimize marketing campaigns. When he isn't brainstorming new partnership ideas, he enjoys scuba diving. hiking and rooting for the Warriors.

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn is an experienced marketing technologist leader. He has been in the Martech and Adtech space for over 10 years. He is currently leads LiveRamp’s mission to being their Identity graph beyond its Adtech foundation. Before LiveRamp Kevin lead the digital transformation of Acxiom Marketing Services business with innovative partnerships that connected on and offline marketing technology. He is a long-time evangelist for breaking down data silos within brands to help drive personalized engagement with consumers. At IBM he was a foundering member of an industry changing new product called the Universal Behavior Exchange, which bridged the gap of Martech and Adtech data and identity silos.
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