Multi-Channel Customer Management Summit

September 30-October 1, 2013 | 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET

80% of organizations believe it is particularly important to serve customers in their preferred channels.  Only 30% are capable of consistently doing so.

89% of organizations believe it is important to create a seamless, integrated, cross-channel experience by passing customer data across media.  Only 30% of businesses do so.

This disconnect between what businesses do and what they know they need to do in today's multi-channel "age of the customer" is troubling, and it desperately needs to come to an end.  Customer Management IQ is pleased to announce an exclusive, complimentary opportunity for doing so.

This September, CMIQ presents its first-ever Multi-Channel Customer Management virtual event.  Focusing on optimizing, integrating and adopting multi-channel into the contact center, this unprecedented and unparalleled virtual event--featuring elite keynote speakers, unrivaled case study presenters and cutting-edge solution providers--represents a surefire gateway to escape the shackles of hype and into the warming realm of success.  From epic keynotes, to interactive roundtables, to virtual booths with exclusive content downloads, to fun games and trivia, this is a can't-miss program!




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Chris Ezekiel

Chris Ezekiel
Founder & CEO
Creative Virtual Ltd

Madelyn Gengelbach

Madelyn Gengelbach
Director, Market Intelligence

Ken Osborn

Ken Osborn
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Dave Capuano

Dave Capuano
VP Global Digital Marketing, Verint

Lon Safko

Lon Safko
President and CEO,
Extreme Digital Marketing

Keith Pearce

Keith Pearce
VP, Solutions Marketing,


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September 30, 2013

12PM ET: Many Channels, One Experience – Excelling with Multi-Channel Fusion
Lon Safko

Do not fall victim to the trap. Though channels like social and mobile are increasingly pivotal, developing a presence in those channels is not synonymous with creating a multi-channel customer experience. True multi-channel, the kind of that drives meaningful results for marketers, sales representatives and customer management professionals, comes not from forays into specific channels but from a fused, holistic experience across the totality of channels. Learn how to create that fusion – and walk away ready to reap the rewards of a strategy ready to satisfy today’s multi-channel customer.

1PM ET: Building the Multi-Channel Contact Center
Madelyn Gengelbach, InContact

Multi-channel is a philosophy, but it is also a best practice. And in order to make good on that “best” aspect, businesses must structure their contact centers to meet the realities of multi-channel. There are still a lot of contact centers that handle only voice calls, and many more that are “voice plus one”. These two categories still make up the majority of contact centers today. If the industry has “agreed” that more channels can lead to greater customer satisfaction, why aren’t there more contact centers that handle 3 or more core channels? If you’re considering adding another channel, or you’re looking for best practices to improve your multi-channel operations or CSAT this session is for you! We’ll cover best practices for adding new channels to your contact center, special considerations for some channels and ideas on how to round out more complete multi-channel offerings. Join us for a fast-paced session full of practical advice.

2PM ET: Virtual Booth Experience, Live Networking

Whether you want to get to know your fellow attendees, learn about new multi-channel solutions, download and discuss new industry reports and videos or get personalized guidance from true customer management experts, our networking break will put you in the driver’s seat to create a uniquely-special event. After all, this is not just a series of webinars – it is an interactive experience!

3PM ET: Roundtable Part 1: Engaging Today’s Multi-Channel Customer
Ken Osborn, Oscar Alban, Keith Pearce and Gal Steinberg

It’s supposed to be multi-channel customer management. Yet, for some reason, businesses seem to spend far more time thinking about their internal operations and strategies without concern for the perspective that matters most: that of the customer. What does today’s multi-channel customer truly demand? What are we doing to satisfy that demand? Join us for this interactive roundtable discussion, featuring experts who contributed insights to the recent Executive Report on Multi-Channel Customer Management, that analyzes and strategies multi-channel for what it truly is: a customer management issue.

October 1, 2013

12PM ET: Multi-Channel: The Roadmap to Customer Satisfaction
Chris Ezekiel, Creative Virtual

Multi-channel is not simply a business imperative but a customer mindset, and the way you respond to that customer demand can bring significant reward—or significant harm—to your business. As customers move through the experience journey, they will naturally engage with your business at its myriad of touchpoints. Whether these are in “old media” or “new media” or staffed by live personnel or virtual assistants, their demand for an efficient, accurate experience will not change. Your ability to deliver that seamless, satisfactory experience similarly cannot change. This session will explore how you must build—and measure—satisfaction to account for this multi-channel customer journey. As the customer’s interaction with your business evolves, how must your strategy for dealing with him evolve? And as a customer seeks information in each of your business’ many touchpoints, how can you assure that you deliver an experience that is relevant, meaningful and helps develop long-term relationships? We’ll explore how your ability to deliver on your brand promise can be achieved through the advent of advanced technologies and the utilization of key metrics focused on the customer conversation. You’ll also see examples of how some companies are achieving multi-channel customer nirvana by leveraging people, process and technology.

1PM ET: Empowering Customer Service Agents in a Multi-Channel World
John Tschohl, Customer Service Guru & President, Service Quality Institute

Adapting to the demands of today’s multi-channel customer requires more than investment in technology and revision of performance metrics. It also requires a new breed of agent, one who is not only versatile enough to engage customers where they want to be engaged but also empowered enough to provide them with the satisfaction they crave when they crave it. This session explores the coaching and management strategies needed to create a pool of agents ready to exceed the increasingly demanding needs of today’s customer.

2PM ET: Virtual Booth Experience, Live Networking

Whether you want to get to know your fellow attendees, learn about new multi-channel solutions or get personalized guidance from true customer management experts, our networking break will put you in the driver’s seat to create a uniquely-special event. After all, this is not just a series of webinars – it is an interactive experience!

3PM ET: Roundtable Part 2: Creating the Cross-Channel Experience
Ken Osborn, Oscar Alban, Keith Pearce and Gal Steinberg

Serving customers in numerous channels—especially if that service occurs in the channels the customers truly demand—is an admirable step towards multi-channel excellence. But it is not the only step. Today’s customers are not one-dimensional individuals looking for singular interactions. They are versatile, flexible and diverse – and they want the same from their customer experience journeys. In order to deliver on that expectation, businesses must assure they are capable of cross-channel excellence. There can be no silos or seams between different contact channels and different parts of the business; satisfaction comes from enabling customers to move quickly—and successfully—between the channels they prefer for a given issue. Of course, in a business world known for sustaining such silos, cross-channel is easier said than done. And that is where this roundtable comes in; proven experts will help you go beyond the hype and actual create this cross-channel platform.

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