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Webinar series: Move to modern infrastructure

80% of early adopters prefer vendor-supported, open source solutions as their primary technology purchase strategy.1

Join us for a 3-part webinar series to gain practical advice on where, why, and how to move to modern infrastructure. From product and services experts, you'll learn how you can benefit from modernization using actual examples from organizations like yours. Spoiler alert: New business innovations and services, and a seamless move to cloud-native workloads, are the often the results.

As IT organizations renovate and upgrade established IT infrastructure to support new business demands, many are rethinking their approach by moving their workloads to enterprise-grade, open source technology. Open source is the technology of choice for modern workloads not only because it is the center of innovation in software-defined datacenters, and cloud, but also due to its ability to host business critical workloads with greater security, reliability, and efficiency. When evaluating modernization options, you have a range of choices on where to start—from storage to operating system to deploying advanced virtualization.

1IDC InfoBrief, "DevOps, Open Source and Business Agility" June 2015

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