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Don't Miss Our Free Webinar Series Starting September 21, 2016

Join Cisco, Charlene Li of Altimeter, Paul Miller of Digital Workplace Group, and Gordon Feller of Meeting of the Minds for a free three-part advanced webinar series that follows our introductory Digital Workplace Strategist series. Our first series covered an introduction to the digital workplace, its role in learning and development, best practices for building collective knowledge, and digital transformation results in practice.

Now, take Part 2 of this learning journey with leading industry analysts and Cisco experts and discover what it takes to start thinking, and executing, like a digital workplace leader.

In the second learning series sponsored by Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, we take a look at advanced topics facing digital workplace leaders today. Those in leadership roles must try to juggle the multifaceted demands of monitoring business performance indicators, promoting employee satisfaction and adoption, retaining talent, preventing subject matter expert fatigue, scaling workforce training, and more.

Global leaders in digital business transformation will join us to share their expertise about why competitive advantage depends on digital business transformation and how that transformation depends on leadership.

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