Mastercard Cyber Webinar Series: Securing the Digital Future

A two-part cyber webinar series on managing cyber and technology risk in the digital economy.

Covid-19 is accelerating the rise of the digital economy. As organizations in Asia pivot towards a digital-first strategy, how are business leaders across the organization:

  • Striking the right balance between business enablement, innovation and cyber risk mitigation
  • Enhancing their organization's security posture and defending against rising cyber crimes
  • Reinforcing cyber as a business risk - not just IT's
  • Ensuring compliance to the latest cyber regulations including third-party governance and cloud compliance
Designed for executives involved in Business Planning, Cyber, Technology, Risk and Compliance , join this Mastercard webinar series for insights on how you can secure your organization's digital future with an updated view on emerging risks, cost of cyber to the business and effective strategies on strengthening cyber resilience.

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