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Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization Webinar Series
Turn fragmented data into actionable information at business speed

Red Hat® JBoss® Data Virtualization is a lean, virtual data integration solution that unlocks trapped data and delivers it as easily consumable, unified, and actionable information. JBoss Data Virtualization makes data spread across physically diverse systems—such as multiple databases, XML files, and Hadoop systems—appear as a set of tables in a local database.

Unlock the full potential of all your existing and new data assets and gain critical business insights by making all data easily consumable by people who need it.

Complement existing integration technologies like SOA, enterprise application integration (EAI), and extract, transform, and load (ETL).

A 3-part webinar series focused on Solving Data Integration Challenges & Maximizing Enterprise Data Value using Data Virtualization. Register for 1 or all 3 webinars today.

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