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It’s Time to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Close to 75% of U.S. companies now rely on public cloud platforms, and according to AHEAD’s research, 21% plan to move all of their infrastructure and apps to the cloud.

Yet in many cases, cloud adoption is confined to pockets within the enterprise, in part because technology leaders remain stymied over how to extend applications from the data center to the public cloud to the edge. Too many firms have yet to scale their cloud investments and attain the promised benefits of flexibility, speed, and savings. Is your organization stuck?

Join AHEAD in an effort to change that in 2021 (and say goodbye to 2020!) As you finalize your cloud strategy for next year, join our virtual Cloud Planning Summit and begin to assemble your playbook for scaling cloud adoption in a way that drives significant ROI for your business.

The summit sessions -- what we’re calling Missions -- are arrayed as the essential chapters in that playbook. And to use your time most wisely, we’re making them concise and actionable, and spreading them across three days: One each for Applications, Platforms, and Operations.

Please enjoy watching the on-demand replays of our comprehensive event and share with your colleagues. You're free to register for all Missions, or just those of most interest. Either way, by registering, you'll also receive a 2021 Cloud Planning Playbook that aligns with the key action items covered in the event.

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