Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Delivering Cost-Effective, High Value Healthcare Workspaces with GPUs and VDI

Tisa Murdock, Director, Solution Marketing
Shane Limbach, Technical Systems Senior Engineer
Ismet Nesicolaci, Senior Product Sales Specialist, NVIDIA Virtual GPU

Digital Transformation for healthcare providers has resulted in deep VDI penetration within the industry to lower costs while also enabling improved security. However, many of these traditional VDI solutions are challenged to keep up with modern applications which are more graphics intensive. GPUs deployed in conjunction with virtualized EMR and PACS applications provide a way to lower the costs of delivering information anywhere and on any device with native-PC like performance, improving the efficiency of both clinicians and staff alike. In addition, security is improved as critical patient data is centralized in the data center, and no longer stored on endpoint devices. In this session, hear how Nebraska Medicine uses GPU acceleration to improve diagnostic accuracy and quality of care with VMware Horizon VDI powered by NVIDIA virtual GPU.

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