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Pharmalot Webcast:
Specialty Pharmacy, Benefit Investigation and Copay Programs

Webcast Begins: February 13th at 1:00 pm ET

This month's webcast fee: $49

The growth in biologics and specialty pharmacy products has evolved new business practices, benefit coverage issues, and cost offsetting programs related to health product marketing, especially pharmaceuticals and some medical devices.

Benefit investigation and reimbursement activity has become a marketing requirement for many new drugs in addition to various FDA requirements that can include limited distribution through specialty pharmacies. Purchasers in the commercial market don’t understand the complexity or clinical issues associated with specialty products, but have more awareness of benefit design and coverage considerations since they pay for health care.  As a result, current reimbursement hub solutions are necessary, but require significant resources, are driven by manual and inefficient processes, lack transparency and require cumbersome workflows from patients and physicians or other providers.

What you will learn:

  • Market impacts that were intended or unintended consequences of specialty pharmacy drug marketing.
  • Contemporary issues and insights on copay card programs with plans or PBMs.
  • Value on innovation and automation in Reimbursement Hub benefit verification related activities.


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