Seamlessly Integrate Security
into Your Embedded Development Workflow

Security is a problem today. In fact, the percentage of embedded systems that are designed with all possible security features enabled is extremely low, less than 4% according to one recent study. The key reason for that is because security just isn’t part of the embedded design process. It’s more of a bolt-on.

In this series of five webcasts, we’ll run through the five key security-related problems that will impact your design, and more importantly, how to solve them. We’ll use IAR Systems’ newly introduced C-Trust tool as the gateway to that security plateau. Those five areas are: Legislation, Protect your IP, Secure Context Editor, Secure Boot Manager, and Provisioning and Device Support

By the end of the five-part series, you’ll understand why and how security can and should be integrated into every segment of your development process. Security from inception.

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