Government’s Fast Path to Hybrid Cloud: How to Run VMware Government Workloads on AWS and Make Secure Hybrid Cloud a Reality

Jason Joel: Director- Product Management

Hybrid cloud is now a relevant operating model for federal, state, and local government agencies across a broad range of strategies—from on-demand capacity, DR, and backup to application migration, modernization, and next-generation development. Between multiple VM formats, incongruent networks, disparate tools and skillsets, and inconsistent monitoring and control, adopting a true hybrid cloud model is challenging to say the least. Enter VMware Cloud on AWS, a jointly engineered, integrated hybrid cloud solution that brings together the leading private cloud computing platform with the leading public cloud infrastructure service. In this session, learn why agencies are using VMware Cloud on AWS to bring to market hybrid cloud architecture that innovates service delivery and achieves mission outcomes more efficiently and effectively. In this session you’ll learn:

• Why VMware Cloud on AWS is a secure, practical hybrid cloud solution for government agencies
• What a sample VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud architecture for government looks like
• How to integrate your VMware SDDC with native AWS services and begin using VMware Cloud on AWS today

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