Monthly Webcast Agenda - all webcasts will occur from 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST / 10:30am – 12:00pm PST.

Connect ERP Systems with Microsoft Project
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Substantial decisions are based on reliable data. However, in practice, usually no single, unified data platform exists in which all of the data related to a project – from the project schedule to actual work to actual costs – is consolidated and easy to access. Join this webcast to learn how to use data available in multiple sources in a user-friendly way within your projects. Experts from Campana & Schott will connect the PM platform Microsoft Project with established controlling processes in ERP systems like SAP to create an integrated data base. All involved roles feel at ease since decision-relevant data is consistently up-to-date and provided in their common work environment.

1. Integration scenarios
In the first part of the webcast, we take a look at typical data distributions within organizations. From this, we develop use cases for data and system integration that benefit you in your daily work. We discuss how processes from finance, budgeting and HR can run in a combined way across the boundaries of tools like SAP or Microsoft Project.

2. Practical example
Hands-on in the second part: We demonstrate the integration from Microsoft Project and SAP ERP directly in the test system of a satisfied customer. In numerous companies, we have transformed controlling and project management processes with our standard product CS Connect.

In this session you will learn how to

  • Increase your savings by maintaining a single data source and sync changes to other LOB platforms
  • Change shape: replace any shape with any other while retaining text, data, and connections
  • Achieve higher reliability by automating data transfer to ensure complete and accurate information
  • Make faster and more precise decisions while increasing transparency based on consistent and up-to-date data
Presented by Stefan Haffner, Director Specialized Projects and Integration - Campana & Schott

Managing Projects - Never Easier - Project 2013 and SharePoint 2013
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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 with the new capabilities is an awesome platform for project collaboration. Microsoft Project 2013 has a seriously improved two-way sync with SharePoint 2013. This session will look and demo both – a Project Management match made in heaven!

Presented by Eamonn McGuinness, Founder and CEO - Brightwork

Avoiding the 14 Hour Work Day - Understanding Resource Allocations in Project
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While some projects can be run with simple ‘To-Do list’ type tasks and assignments, some require more detailed resource planning and allocation. And understanding how Project handles resource assignments is the only way to avoid the 14 hour work day! Join us for this informative session and find out how you can use the Team Planner and other Project features to ensure realistic resource commitments and schedules.

Presented by Matthew Davis, PMP, MCITP, Vice-President of Consulting Services – PM Providers

Scrum and Agile Planning with Project 2013
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Some people say that Project cannot be used outside of a Waterfall schedule approach. This is absolutely NOT true. In fact, most of the best scheduling approaches leverage iterative activities, such as Scrum or Agile Planning incorporated into their project. This seminar will address key steps, for building an Agile schedule, addressing pros and cons to Scrum features and approaches, while blending a schedule to address the tactical agile needs, while still providing rollup and time boxed reporting to stakeholders. This lively and example-driven webinar should help all who attend understand how they too can build agile, iterative schedules and address the need for having a good schedule that also helps to map, track and report activities, features, story points, backlogs all within MS Project.

Presented by Tim Runcie, MCP, MCTS, PMP, MVP, President - Advisicon

The Integration of Social Networks in PPM
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Yammer, Lync, Skype, SharePoint, PPM, email, meetings, hallway conversations, sponsor briefings,… OH MY! Effective communication is often the key differentiator in project success or failure. This session is focused on using technology to simplify your communications needs by making sure accurate information is available to your team when and where they need it.

Presented by Rose Blackburn, QuantumPM, Inc. - QuantumPM

Manage More Work with Less Effort with Project 2013
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Delivered by Microsoft Gold Partner Projility, this session will provide an overview as to how the Microsoft Project platform can help large enterprises improve work management and collaboration efforts. This will include a detailed overview of the Microsoft PPM platform and its ability to support multiple groups, business units, and methodologies within the same organization.

Presented by Rob Hirschmann, Corporate Vice President - Projility, Inc.

Sharing and Collaborating Within Project 2013
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Join Ben Howard, MVP Applepark in this presentation and demonstration to learn about some of the Sharing and Collaboration options provided by Project 2013. Ben will demonstrate how Project enables different types of collaboration, from the ad-hoc and informal right through to the fully formalized structured collaboration demanded by tightly controlled Project Management Solutions. Many of the collaboration options are integrated right into the Project client and Project Online, providing the user with a rich, powerful and seamless experience. Ben will also differentiate between the different Project and Project Online solutions available from Microsoft.

Attend this session for a chance to win a free copy of Microsoft Project 2013 Plain & Simple - the full-color, visual guide that makes learning Microsoft Project 2013 plain and simple! Follow the book’s easy steps and screenshots and clear, concise language to learn the simplest ways to effectively manage all your projects. 10 attendees who complete the survey will be selected to receive a free copy of the book.

Presented by Ben Howard, MVP - Applepark

Fast Track Project Management Success with Project Online
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In today’s project-centric work environment, the ability to coordinate multiple projects with distributed teams, and making high-level strategic decisions based upon consolidated project progress, risk and resource usage information is critical. Project Online is a cloud based, enterprise-wide project management platform designed to meet these challenges.

Join Dux Raymond Sy as he shares how you can best leverage Project Online to manage enterprise projects. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build and Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solution based on Project Online
  • Create a portfolio of projects using new and existing project plans
  • Manage and optimize project resources across the enterprise
  • Collaborate with geographically distributed project team members
  • Integrate existing tools like Microsoft Office, Windows, mobile devices to Project Online
  • Develop relevant reports and dashboard to visualize key performance indicators
Presented by Presented by Dux Raymond Sy, PMP, MVP, VP, Customer Strategy & Solutions - AvePoint

The why and how of Project 2013- Customer case study with a Social Media twist
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A midsized technology client was experiencing rapid growth and looking for a better way to manage their implementation projects and their business at a portfolio level. As part of their solution they wanted to ensure that clients had remote access to view their project status without having to set up internal accounts for each client. Pcubed implemented Project 2013 and integrated it with social media access by logging into a PWA using an authentication provider other than Windows Active Directory, such as social sites like Windows Live ID, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter. Technology used SharePoint, Project Server 2013 and Microsoft Project 2013 This presentation will:

• Talk about the business reasons for enabling PWA access with social media and when it might be applicable for others
• Discuss the firm’s evaluation of 2013 vs other options and why it was the right solution for them
• Provide details on the enhancements achieved that how to best approach a 2013 installation.
• Demonstrate how this technology solution combined with improved business processes was the right choice

Presented by Dan Ling - Pcubed

Microsoft Project from any device with Cloud Apps
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With Office 2013, Microsoft introduced a new Cloud App model that allows users to run Apps inside Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and Project, much like the Apps you use on your phone and tablet today.

Now, Microsoft Project and Project Online/Server users can take advantage of this new App model for extended functionality. In addition, Cloud Apps are being migrated to other platforms, such as iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, which gives users access to their Microsoft Project data from just about any device.

In this session you will learn:

  • How the new Cloud App model works within Office 2013
  • How to find and install Apps in Microsoft Project and Project Online/Server (SharePoint)
  • Which platforms provide Apps for Microsoft Project
  • Which Apps are available for project managers, team members, executives and administrators
Attend this session for a chance to win one of 20 free copies of “Proactive PPM with Microsoft Project 2013 for Project Server and Project Online” – a process-focused, PMI-aligned guide to Microsoft Project 2013, printed in high-resolution and full-color so screenshots and illustrations come to life for enhanced learning and comprehension. Twenty attendees who complete the survey will be selected to receive a free copy of the book. s

Presented by Kenneth Steiness, Managing Partner & VP of Delivery - Sensei Project Solutions