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Featured Speakers

Robert Martin
Owner, Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.
Keynote: The Future of Agile Programming

Martin Fowler
Chief Scientist, ThoughtWorks
Keynote: You Can't Be Agile When You're Waist-Deep in Mud!

Rachel Laycock
Market Technical Principal, ThoughtWorks
Keynote: You Can't Be Agile When You're Waist-Deep in Mud!

Dr. Venkat Subramaniam
Founder, Agile Developer, Inc.
Functional Programming: Technical Reasons to Adapt

Jez Humble
Vice President, Chef (formerly Opscode)
Continuous Delivery

Joe Moore
Agile Engineer, Pivotal Labs
Remote Pair Programming: A Real-World Walkthrough

Liz Keogh
Owner, Lunivore 
Behaviour-Driven Development: Embrace Uncertainty

Elisabeth Hendrickson
Director of Engineering, Pivotal 
Exploratory Testing

Woody Zuill
Senior Consultant, Industrial Logic
Mob Programming

Davis Frank
Director of Internal Applications, Pivotal
XP in the Wild: A Tour of Pivotal Labs

J.B Rainsberger
Owner, Diaspar Software Services
How TDD Will Save You From Yourselves

Gene Kim
Independent Director, Energy Sector Security Consortium
Top DevOps Enterprise Adoption Patterns: A Fifteen Year Study Of High-Performing IT Organizations


Declan Whelan
Agile Coach, Leanintuit

Jeff Morgan
Partner & CTO, LeanDog

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