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FREE eBOOK -- Smart Connected Operations: Capturing the Business Value of the Industrial IoT

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Many of the top industrial business objectives and challenges have remained unchanged for some time: ensuring quality, responding to customer demands, handling disparate systems, and fostering increased operational collaboration.

What has changed, however, is a fundamental shift in how leading manufacturers are approaching these initiatives, namely through an increasingly tight integration between Information Technology and Operational Technology that is trending toward Smart Connected Operations -- the concept of interconnected people, processes, and assets within a facility and throughout an organization.

This eBook explores the emerging paradigm of Smart Connected Operations in depth, including benchmark data on the current state of the marketplace, barriers to Industrial IoT capabilities, and actionable recommendations for manufacturers looking to be at the forefront of a trend that is already transforming business models. Specifically it covers:

  • Why 44% of manufacturers still don't understand the Industrial IoT
  • The four main buckets of IoT platform capabilities crucial to its successful development and widespread adoption
  • How to develop a business case for IoT technologies, and why the industrial sector has many advantages in this regard over the consumer market
  • Examples of current successful Industrial IoT pilot projects leveraging Smart Connected Operations
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