Live Webinar on Recent PAT applications for Softgels presented by Softigel by Procaps


Start Date:30th November 2015

Start Time:10am EST

Duration:60 minutes


Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) in solid dosages forms are commonly used for tablets. Procaps brings to you this webinar intended to present PAT applied to Soft Gelatin capsules (SGC) using Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRs). The first part of the webinar presents PAT definitions, scope, implementation steps, advantages/disadvantages and regulatory aspects of PAT. Then, a second part will present some applications of NIRs related to SGC as RLD characterization, in-process and finished product testing.


Join us and learn from the Experts on Softgel Development!


Carlos Peroza

PhD candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Current affiliation
Faculty at the Chemistry Department of Emporia State University

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Master in Physical pharmacy & Analytical chemistry from University of Puerto Rico. Currently a Faculty at Emporia state University Teaching analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis courses, working on the application of Vibrational spectroscopy techniques and chemometric techniques to develop analytical methodologies for Forensic analysis. Previous experience as QC chemist for Bayer Cropscience.

Joe Villa PhD

Director, Product Development

Pharmaceutical Chemist with PhD in Chemistry of Rovira and Virgili University of Tarragona, with over 8 years of experience in the areas of quality management, quality control, analytical development and product development. 5 years of experience as faculty teacher in Chemistry and Pharmacy.

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Live Webinar on Recent PAT applications for Softgels presented by Softigel by Procaps

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