It’s the Connected Era. Are Your Linux Devices Secure?




Start Date:5/24/2016

Start Time:1:00 PM CDT / 2:00 PM ET

Duration:60 minutes


For all its promise, the interconnected world has a dark side, with critical vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and Shellshock being reported more and more often.

In this web seminar, we’ll walk you through how we combat reported security exposures, highlight statistical trends from our monitoring data, and explain different aspects you should consider as you create your security strategy.
What you will learn:
•    How ongoing monitoring helps you do the work of thousands of engineers
•    How to keep all your codebase updated as an ongoing process
•    How to get hot fixes for reported vulnerabilities
•    How to stay protected against future attacks


Davide Ricci

Davide Ricci, Director, Product Management, Open Source Platform Marketing, Wind River

Davide has a strong technical and business background built in over 10+ years of experience in open source software for devices and the IoT industry. He currently runs the Open Source Platforms Product Management team, leading a globally distributed international product management and engineering team through product definition, product vision, product direction, and execution. He is a big believer that great open source technology sparks innovation, and that technology must always foster the right ecosystem in order to drive industry success.

Kamal Desai

Kamal Desai, Sr. Product Manager, Open Source Platforms, Wind River

Kamal holds a PhD in  Mechanical Engineering and is currently a Sr. Product Manager in the Open Source Platforms Marketing group at Wind River. With over 16 years of experience in the embedded and real-time computing industry, Kamal often gives technical presentations and workshops about IoT enabling platforms, demonstrating new approaches for cloud-based development and management that provide far greater flexibility for how organizations can build and run IoT infrastructure. His focus over the past few years has been the use of Linux in embedded applications and their deployment in the Internet of Things.


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It’s the Connected Era. Are Your Linux Devices Secure?

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