Improving Productivity Through Innovation


Start Date:9/6/2016

Start Time:9:00 AM CDT

Duration:60 minutes


Spray coatings of ethylcellulose for sustained drug release on multi-particulate dosage forms is common in the pharmaceutical industry, but can be disadvantageous because of long process times, need for organic solvent capabilities, and particulate agglomeration. Using a rotor process technology, ethylcellulose can be applied to drug layered beads as a dry powder; enabling the user to achieve high levels of weight gain in a short period of time while still demonstrating sustained release. Information will be presented comparing performance and productivity to traditional solvent-based Wurster coating and aqueous-based Wurster coating.


Nick Grasman

Application Scientist
Dow Pharma Solutions

Nick started his career at Dow as an analytical chemist, supporting Dow Agrosciences, Dow Microbial Control and Dow Pharma. He joined Dow Pharma Solutions R&D in 2008 to support advances in modified release applications and solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs. In 2013, Nick took on his current role as the technical service scientist for all pharmaceutical applications of the METHOCEL™, ETHOCEL™, POLYOX™, AMBERLITE™, DUOLITE™, CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ and AFFINISOL™ products in North America. He holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from Hope College.

Raxit Mehta

Senior Product Development Scientist

In his current role, Mr. Mehta, Senior Product Development Scientist, Colorcon is responsible for developing technical applications of modified release polymers and excipients. His research focuses on quality by design aspects of barrier membrane coatings, robust hydrophilic matrix formulations development and taste masking technology for pediatrics applications. He has over 10 years of experience of formulation and process development related to solid oral dosage forms. Mr. Mehta has earned ME in Chemical Engineering from City College of City University of New York and BS in Chemical Engineering from Nirma Institute of Technology, Gujarat, India.

Shawn Engels

Freund Vector
Senior Process Development Scientist

Shawn majored in Biology and Chemistry at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He has 11 years of experience in solid dosage processing including fluid bed granulation and coating, high shear granulation, tablet coating and roller compaction. Shawn has specialized in multi-particulate coating, specifically developing new strategies to efficiently coat multi-particulates with API’s and polymers utilizing novel rotor processing techniques.


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Improving Productivity Through Innovation

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