Meet the Future of Food Workforce

Increasing pressure for transparency about the food chain is filtering down to the workforce level. Consumers expect retail employees to be better informed about products, and expect their retailers and all businesses in the food value chain are being challenged like never before to re-think their workforces.


Health:Food - How Food Tech is Changing the Future of Health

Everyone has to eat. No other industry has the potential to so directly impact the well-being of the global population than the food and grocery industry. Innovative technologies are affecting the food and grocery industry more than almost any other, from the rise of wearable fitness tech and DNA-based nutritional profiling, to nutraceuticals and the use of nanotechnology to increase nutrients in food. Good health is good for business.


How Will My Grocery Store Change?

There’s no question shoppers’ demands and expectations are changing. For food retailers  and consumer product companies to remain relevant and succeed in an interconnected era, the in-store experience has got to keep up and change too  – but how? Join this session as we explore how the future of food impacts the grocery store.


Working Together to Meet the Epic Goal of Food Security

With the global population is expanding by nearly a billion people per decade, placing unprecedented demands on limited resources, the topic of Food Security must be front and center with governments, businesses and the world in general.  In this session we will host an open dialogue to explore the role of technology in helping to ensure that all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their needs for a productive and healthy life.


The Next Big Thing In Food Is Personal

In this session we’ll explore the individualism of food movement led by the “I want it right now" and "make it just for me” consumer. Session topics include:

  • How consumer individualism is impacting everything from new food products to entire value chains
  • Examples of personalized food experiences and why consumers crave them
  • A look ahead to changing consumer preferences


The Role of Technology in Food Sustainability

Innovative technologies have the potential to re-shape the way we think about and deliver on the goals of food sustainability. From Aerofarms to IoT, consumers aren’t the only ones driving a sea change in the future of food.




Sessions are available until October 15, 2017 for replay anytime on-demand using your event login.

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Consumers today have access to more information and more buying options for food wherever and however they want. These shifting consumer trends, along with innovative technologies, new business models and market disruptors are impacting how food is grown, produced, sold and consumed. Don’t miss this opportunity to join your peers and respected experts to learn, influence, share and discuss the future of food.

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