Seamlessly Integrating Femtosecond Laser into Your Surgical Practice


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Duration:60 minutes


The advantages of femtosecond laser are clear. But if you were considering femto cataract surgery for your practice, would you know how to introduce it?

This webinar demonstrates the best way to implement femtosecond laser, so you can maximize benefits for both your practice and your patients.

Dr. Thomas E. Clinch gives you his expert tips for implementing femtosecond laser, including:
•    How to get staff buy-in
•    Where to physically place your laser in the office setting
•    Which cataract surgery patients are the best candidates for the procedure
•    How the procedure affects the patient experience before cataract surgery . . .
•    . . . and on the day of cataract surgery


Thomas Clinch, MD

Managing partner, Eye Doctors of Washington

Dr. Thomas E. Clinch is the managing partner of Eye Doctors of Washington. Having practiced for 30 years, he has performed over 30,000 LASIK and 10,000 cataract procedures. Dr. Clinch is dedicated to research and has served as an investigator in numerous clinical studies pertaining to LASIK, PRK, phakic and multifocal IOLs, the intraoperative miniature telescope for macular degeneration, collagen crosslinking and intacs for treatment of keratoconus, dry eyes, and infectious corneal diseases.

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Seamlessly Integrating Femtosecond Laser into Your Surgical Practice

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