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Containers are taking the cloud by storm. In your enterprise cloud environment, managing security in applications and containers is more critical than ever.

Register for IT Security in a Digital World | A Red Hat virtual event to learn more about the impact of containers, DevOps, cloud and other technologies and how to ensure security, compliance and governance in these environments.

Sessions available on-demand:

Keynote: Security in a Digital World
Margaret Dawson, Senior Director, Infrastructure Business Group

Track 1: Cloud
Protecting your cloud from (the Internet of) Things
Russell Doty, IoT Product Manager, Platform Business Unit, Red Hat

Creating a cloud stronghold
Ted Brunell, Principal Solutions Architect, DoD Programs, Red Hat

Smarter security enablement for cloud
Richard Morrell, Principal Security Strategist, Red Hat

Track 2: Containers and DevOps
Mixing oil and water: Containers or VMs?
Mike Bursell, Chief Security Architect, Red Hat

Ten layers of container security
Kirsten Newcomer, Senior Principal Manager, Product Marketing, Platform and Solutions, Red Hat

Integrated security in CI/CD Pipelines
Justin Goldsmith, Consultant and Emily Brand, Service Manager, Red Hat

Track 3: Compliance and Vulnerability Management
Proactive and continuous risk management
Mandy Sadowski, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Automating security compliance
Lucy Kerner, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Red Hat Product Security Team: Community to enterprise
Christopher Robinson, Product Security Program Manager, Red Hat

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