In Place Analytics for VSAM, ADABAS, DB2, IMS and more


Start Date:2/1/2017

Start Time:11:00 AM CST

Duration:60 minutes


This session will introduce many of the enhancements contained in QMF 11.2.1 announced on May 10, 2016. This release offers a new data services option which expands the reach of QMF's analytics capabilities to new sources on System z: VSAM, IMS, ADABAS, Sequential data, and SMF data. This adds to QMF's ability to access most structured and nonstructured data sources such as Oracle, Sybase, Hadoop and more.  Additionally, this release has added a new, self-service Business Analytics interface that provides an easy to build and share capability for creating a multitude of charts, dashboards, and more. The new theme for QMF is: QMF Analytics: anytime, anyplace, anyone. We will highlight the options that prove this claim.

This release of QMF offers advanced data federation capabilities that deliver data with speed and simplicity using System z resources such as zIIP processors up to 99% utilization and query parallelism for optimal performance. We will conclude with a demonstration of the new QMF self-service Business Analytics feature as well as the ability to access multiple data sources.



Michael Biere

Senior Product Specialist Rocket Software


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In Place Analytics for VSAM, ADABAS, DB2, IMS and more

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