Debunking the myths around containers and security


Even as containers have become the choice for application deployment in most enterprises, concerns persist about their security. There are obvious benefits in being able to package an application and all its dependencies into a single artifact that can be accurately deployed. But some worry that containers are less secure than traditional application deployment models and pose a larger organizational threat. The truth is that containers and immutable infrastructure offer opportunities to enhance security with relatively little additional effort.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the security concerns and opportunities that come with containers. More specifically:

  • The container security model
  • Building a secure container infrastructure
  • How to create and deploy secure container images
  • Technologies and processes to maintain the security of containerized applications

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Timothy Hunt

Senior architect, consulting, Red Hat

Timothy Hunt is an emerging technologies practice architect. He has worked with Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform since its inception. Timothy has deep experience working with large enterprises to design and deploy OpenShift, as well as assisting them with migrating workloads into containers.


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Debunking the myths around containers and security

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