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The rapid advancement of Virtual/Augmented Reality technology is no more relevant than in the AEC market. Construction progress assessment and validation has always been a highly visual process: work was not signed off on until a supervisor laid eyes on it and confirmed the work was done.

The difference today is that supervisors now have powerful new digital tools for visualizing and validating progress in the form of processes that can turn heaps of daily jobsite photos into geo-registered, 3D images. The data captured by those processes can then automatically be compared with digital construction models and schedules to audit, validate and record quantities of work accomplished to date.


During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover the latest trends and technologies fueling this advancement and the applications relevant to your workflow
  • Find out how this technology is expediting the planning and design process by allowing clients to be given a more accurate sense of designs early on so changes can be made with minimal disruption or delay 
  • Hear from early adopters of this technology to see how it is rapidly becoming a valuable assistant in their project controls workflow

The content of this webinar is produced and directed by ENR's editorial team.

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Kermit Lewis

Senior Project Manager
Pond & Company

Kermit Lewis is a Senior Project Manager for the Federal Planning and Geospatial Program at Pond & Company, a full-service architectural, engineering, and planning firm that has been serving federal and DOD clients for the last 52 years.

A native of Louisiana, Kermit earned a Master’s Degree in Geography from the University of New Orleans, and worked on surveying and mapping projects contracted by NGA, USACE, NOAA and USGS. He continues to provide surveying and mapping services through the use of Pond ProFly, Pond’s UAS, and supporting GIS development for multiple organizations worldwide.

With over 18 years of professional experience, Kermit is adept in customizing aerial geospatial services. His experience includes the collection and processing of LiDAR and aerial imagery, bathymetric surveys, data extraction, analyses, development and exploitation for architects, engineers and the warfighter. Kermit has managed projects for all branches of the military, metropolitan areas, statewide and national scales both in CONUS and OCONUS. Kermit is well-versed in geospatial standards for the DOD, ASPRS, FEMA and the USGS.

Chris B. Harman

Senior Civil Engineer
Atkins Global

Chris Harman has 14 years of experience in the delivery of infrastructure designs for aviation and site development projects, both in the United States and abroad. He has expertise in the delivery of aviation projects as well as all stages of grading, drainage, utilities, and site works designs in the commercial, residential, education, research, industrial, prisons, and rail sectors.

Recently Chris has utilized drone flights and photogrammetry to capture project site conditions and he is using 3-D software packages to create designs inside the 3 dimensional captured models.

Tim Witsil

Visualization Group Leader

Tim Witsil has 18 years of experience producing highly crafted computer-generated models, visual simulations and animations of large-scale architecture/engineering projects. His training in 3D modeling and background in art contribute to his excellent skills in graphic communication.

Witsil is responsible for leading a design–visualization team that specializes in the areas of 3D CAD modeling, animation, illustration, video production and multimedia graphics. An RS&H veteran of 16 years, he holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.

Michael Bernos

Contributing Media Professional & Writer
Engineering News-Record

Michael Bernos is a contributor to ENR and is recognized as one of the architecture/engineering/design industry’s most credible and influential media professionals. In addition to having collaborated with Engineering News Record and contributed to many industry journals and trade associations, including Roads and Bridges, Airport World, American Association of Airline Executives, and Airports Council International.

Mike has written for Agence France-Presse, ABC News, USA TODAY, Florida Trend, and Christian Science Monitor during his career as a journalist and strategic communication professional.




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