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Texture is critical in taking a snack product from “one of many” to “one of a kind”. This webinar will demonstrate how specialty starch-based texturizers can make a sheeted and baked snack product’s texture stand out in a competitive marketplace. These ingredients are able to modulate texture, from loud and crunchy to light and crispy. They can also affect the production process, from the dough formation stage to baking and packaging. Understanding how starch selection affects all of these stages—and understanding the factors that drive consumers’ texture preferences—are key to successfully developing a snack consumers will purchase again and again.

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JoAnn Rupp

Marketing Insights Manager, North America

JoAnn Rupp brings 13 years of food and beverage trend knowledge and market research expertise. She joined Ingredion in 2007 as Sr. Marketing Analyst, studying trends and facilitating statistics and analyses for the organization. She now manages NA Market and Consumer Insights, leading cross-channel consumer quantitative and qualitative research in the food and beverage space. Prior to joining Ingredion, JoAnn had 8+ years of sales, marketing and communications experience in food and industrial manufacturing industries.

Matt Yurgec

Associate, Global Applications, Bakery & Snack Team

Matt Yurgec has been with Ingredion for over 7 years as part of the Global Applications Team, where he has supported and led the development of new texturizers in both Dairy and Bakery & Snack applications. In his time at Ingredion, Matt’s research focus has led him to develop formulation and processing expertise in applications including multiple categories of snacks, sweet baked goods, gluten-free baked goods and yogurt. Matt received a B.S. in Food Science from Penn State University in 2005 and an M.S. in Food Science from North Carolina State University in 2009. Matt also has product development experience with Unilever.




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