Git for COBOL and PL/I?—Yes, It Can Make Sense


Start Date:3/28/2017

Start Time:12:00 PM CST

Duration:60 minutes


At the heart of DevOps is making sure you have everything properly versioned, and many distributed teams have moved to using Git for this purpose. It’s such an easy software configuration manager (SCM) that people are using it everywhere and for everything – from version management to simple task management. Meanwhile, your z/OS code is sitting in an old SCM that new developers don’t know and don't want to use. If you're using Git for the rest of your development, why not use it for z Systems as well?

Join this webcast to see how Git can transform your z/OS development into a more modern DevOps operation. And at the conclusion of the webcast, we’ll have a live question-and-answer session.

You’ll learn…

• How Git can accelerate COBOL and PL/I development

• How Git fits into your existing operations without disruption

• Where you should implement Git and areas to avoid


Rosalind Radcliffe

IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for DevOps for z Systems


Responsible for setting the strategy for DevOps for z Systems focusing on the Integration between Dev and Ops. This includes a greater focus on the requirements from an Ops perspective for the DevOps transition and the integration between teams and tools to support the cultural transformation.


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Git for COBOL and PL/I?—Yes, It Can Make Sense

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