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At the heart of every project is the site. Everything else—scoping, conceptual design, financing, design development, tender, award, construction, handover—comes only after the site has been identified and secured. And what sets project visionaries apart is their ability to perceive a site’s exceptional characteristics in the context of its surroundings, secure it, and then lead the entire team to keep that data in the forefront and leverage it through design and execution.


Today’s project visionaries have advantages over those of the past because they can see and share, almost in real time, the kind of imagery that anchors design development into real landscapes from the start, and then can keep that pictorial vision evolving as the plans and work progress. 


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John Myers

Sr. Manager - VDC
Gilbane Building Co.

John Myers is a Senior Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager for Gilbane Building Company in Boston, MA where he leads a multi-talented team of and is an active leader in the company’s VDC peer group. John leads Gilbane’s New England VDC department with a focus on prototyping new technologies and workflows to assist in both strategic and tactical development on our construction projects through VDC.

John leads the industry in innovation through contributing his expertise in 3-D scheduling milestones, phasing, site logistics, trade contractor coordination, model-based estimating, and prefabrication; design-assist and co-location; and implementing Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality processes on multiple Gilbane projects to increase quality and efficiency, while saving time and money.

John holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Kansas and is the recipient of Gilbane’s prestigious President’s Award Honoring Innovation out of 2,600 employees for Innovator of the Year and Leading Edge Innovation.

Steve van Vliet

Senior IT Business Analyst
Project Manager
PJ Dick, Trumbull Corporation, and Lindy Paving

Steve van Vliet is a senior IT Business Analyst and Project Manager for PJ Dick, Trumbull Corporation, and Lindy Paving, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. With over thirty years of IT experience, Steve's primary role is to work closely with end users and the entire IT staff to design, test, and deliver complex, custom business applications.

Having spent six years at Esri in their professional services group, Steve has also taken on the role as GIS support analyst assisting in the delivery of interactive maps and other GIS related business tools.

Kyle Monceaux

Project Engineer
PJ Dick, Trumbull Corporation, and Lindy Paving

Kyle Monceaux is a Project Engineer with PJ Dick, Trumbull Corporation, and Lindy Paving. He has been working for the family of companies for 2 years now. He has taken the lead to work closely with IT to design, develop, and implement a map-centric application to assist in managing projects within the companies with great success.

Jonathan Gale

Senior Geospatial Product Specialist
Textron Systems

Jonathan has worked as a GIS Analyst and a Solution Engineer at Textron Systems, and is currently a Senior Geospatial Product Specialist, SME and Certified Trainer. In addition, he teaches classes in Radar, LIDAR, Automated Feature Extraction and Geospatial Intelligence for Northeastern University.

Jonathan received the 2012 Textron Chairman’s Award for Innovation and has presented papers on Geospatial Intelligence and Automated Feature Extraction for diverse audiences nationwide. He lives near Missoula, Montana with his wife and two sons.

Jeff Yoders

Editor & Associate Technology Editor
ENR.com and ENR Midwest

Jeff is a multiple Neal award-winning writer and editor with 15 years of experience in print and online news. He has spent last 7 years covering BIM, CAD, and IT for Building Design + Construction, Structural Engineer and CE News magazines, and has spoken at national events and blogged regularly as a building information modeling expert.

Jeff previously worked as the editor of a city guide web site for AOL, an entertainment reporter for daily newspapers, and a website editor for the National Restaurant Association.




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