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The restoration industry often clashes on what is acceptable when it comes to equipment setup guidelines for different types of water losses. The presenter, Mitch Byrom, VP of Specialized Education for Next Gear Solutions is an approved IICRC trainer. Mitch will offer his professional opinion on how the S500 standard is “intended to be used” and will also offer some different thoughts on how to consider equipment placement in your operations. Professional opinions on the intended use of the S500 and cited technical recommendations from published studies pre dating our industry’s IICRC S500 standard will both be discussed in a critical and objective manner.


Join us as we seek to objectively look at how equipment recommendations should generally be interpreted in light of the new S500. 


Attendees will learn: 


  • The difference between what is required in the S500 equipment section and what is only recommended
  • The different methods for practical field setup of equipment on the job site
  • Technical information about the physics of water evaporation
  • A calculation method to measure evaporation rates on the first days of a project 

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Mitch Byrom

VP of Specialized Education
Next Gear Solutions

Mitch began his career in the construction industry, then officially entered the Insurance Focused Property Loss Mitigation industry in 2005 while still attending college. Since then Byrom has worked in all branches of the business including Marketing, Estimating, Project Management and Executive Management with companies ranging in size from a small market franchisee to a privately owned national multistate large loss firm. Mitch has traveled across the US to handle multiple large commercial and institutional losses, and served as a lead consultant to several insurance carriers. He currently holds a Master Water Restorer designation with the IICRC. He is also a licensed Mold Remediator in the State of Florida (License #MRSR47) and an authorized Continuing Education provider to insurance adjusters in Florida and Illinois through the Department of Insurance/Financial Services. Mitch is an Xactimate Affiliate Trainer, approved IICRC instructor and an accomplished and awarded speaker.




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