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Mandates to improve Corporate Automotive Fuel Economy, (CAFE) levels by the year 2025 have sent nearly every sector of the automobile industry scrambling to improve mileage. Weight reduction is seen as critical to this goal. New materials, such as thin-gage composites and high-strength adhesives, are now being used in areas of vehicle construction not even imagined a decade ago. But these materials come with their own challenges, including adhesive bond line read through (BLRT).


This webinar will review the fundamental needs for a successful adhesive bonded composite program, such as heat resistance and fast cure, with emphasis on reducing bond line read through.


Participants will:


  • Learn the primary factors that contribute to BLRT.
  • Learn about a new tool to measure BLRT of non-painted surfaces.
  • Learn how to achieve both fast adhesive cure and stability at e-coat temperatures with minimal BLRT.
  • Learn simple, practical tips for reducing BLRT during vehicle manufacturing. 

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Michael J. Barker

Research Fellow - Adhesives

Michael Barker earned his graduate degree in Chemistry from the University of Detroit where he specialized in rubber toughening of thermoplastics. He continued with post-graduate study at the University of Washington focused on carbon fiber composite technology and protective surface coatings. Barker has spent the last three decades working in structural adhesive and coatings research for the aerospace and automotive industries at General Motors Research, BFGoodrich Research, and Ashland. Over the last 15 years with Ashland, Barker has held positions in R&D and research management. He is currently a Research Fellow in the Structural Adhesive group. While at Ashland he has earned four U.S. patents for structural adhesives, two for epoxies and two for polyurethane technology. Barker is based at Ashland’s facility in Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus.




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