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Duration:60 minutes

Can you depend on your stored energy sources? This is a common pain point for any UPS user. We will cover the challenges in interfacing a UPS and generator and improvements in modern UPS using active filter technology. Along the same lines, we will uncover the mysteries around battery performance and capacity. Uncertainty with battery status is unacceptable to users and third-party battery monitoring can provide peace of mind. We will discuss how this achieved and how not to end up in the dark.


Join us to learn about:


  • Principles of UPS harmonics
  • Generator/UPS interface issues and solutions
  • Battery monitoring overview and best practices
  • How to mitigate stored energy uncertainty 


Dan Carnovale

Dan Carnovale, PE (danieljcarnovale@eatoncom) is the manager of Eaton’s Power Systems Experience Center in Pittsburgh, PA (www.eaton.com/experience) where power quality problems are created and demonstrated for training and testing purposes. Prior to Eaton, Dan worked for Westinghouse Engineering Services and ABB Power T&D. He has a BSEE from Gannon University, a MSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MBA from Robert Morris University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, California and Alaska, a Certified Energy Manager and a Senior Member of IEEE.

Ed Spears

Product Marketing Manager
Critical Power Solutions Division, Raleigh

A 35-year veteran of the power systems industry, Spears has experience in UPS systems testing, sales, applications engineering and training—as well as working in power quality engineering and marketing for telecommunications, data centers, cable television and broadband public networks. He may be reached at EdSpears@Eaton.com.

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