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Yogurt and cottage cheese are high-protein foods finding favor with consumers. Along with cream cheese and sour cream, these cultured dairy foods take well to flavors. Dairy processors are also addressing the snacking trend with grab-and-go packages.


No company knows more about drinkable yogurts than Lala. Popular in the Hispanic market, these beverages now a finding a broader consumer base, thanks to the formulation, packaging and marketing efforts of the Dallas-based dairy processor. Director of Marketing Desiree Johnson talks about Lala’s line-up, including Healthies Curb (with added fiber); 100 Calorie (reduced sugar); and Craveables (a dessert-style smoothie).


University of Minnesota Professor Tonya C. Schoenfuss (and a former dairy processor) will discuss the specific challenges of developing yogurt smoothies, including Class 1 milk pricing and meeting standards of identity.


Dairy Foods will analyze production and sales trends in the category, and review new cultured dairy products that just hit the grocery stores.

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Tonya Schoenfuss

Dr. Schoenfuss is an associate professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. Her research focuses on cheese and dairy product health attributes and innovations, and she teaches Food Quality, Food Product Development and Dairy Product Chemistry and Technology courses. Her interest in this field stems from raising dairy goats in 4-H. After receiving her Ph.D. in Dairy Science from Louisiana State University, she was a food product developer for General Mills for 11 years and worked on Yoplait yogurt, international dough and pasta products, and fruit snacks. She is an active cheese, ice cream and butter judge for regional and national organizations, and coaches the collegiate dairy product judging team at the University of Minnesota.


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