On Demand through May 31, 2018

Duration:60 minutes

During this webinar, attendees will learn how to reduce energy costs and unplanned downtime with intelligent HVAC variable frequency drives. Energy optimization algorithms that monitor real-time parameters actively reduce the input power required to maintain system performance which directly reduces energy costs. 

Other software applications such as electronic bypass, broken belt protection and fire mode have the ability to protect the HVAC system, prevent unplanned downtime and provide additional monitoring capability that communicates back to a BMS network.

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Nichole Angiola

Product Manager, HVAC Variable Frequency Drives

Nichole Angiola is the HVAC variable frequency drive product manager of Eaton's Industrial Control Division in Menomonee Falls, Wisc. She is responsible for OEM, HVAC, and industrial application solutions, with a focus on harmonics reduction, application ease of use, and increased system energy efficiency.

Angiola received her B.S. in mechanical engineering from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Mich.

Kyle Gargaro


Kyle Gargaro is Editor-in-Chief of The NEWS. Gargaro has been with The NEWS since 2004, first as Legislation Editor, then Managing Editor, and now as Editor-in-Chief. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

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