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New business drivers are forcing the Food and Beverage Industry to rebuild and rethink their business. To survive and be successful, digitalization offers advantages from a strict interaction between the three steps of the value chain: Ideation, Realization and Utilization. Virtually every Food and Beverage company is talking about innovation and digitalization. The challenge is turning the talk into tangible results without compromising the objective of having the right product in the right package with the right label.


Transforming new formulas has never been more complicated. The science, collaboration and orchestration needs to be documented and managed carefully to maintain proper records and institutionalize knowledge sharing. In order to successfully manage multiple products across your business you need a comprehensive and integrated set of capabilities supporting formulated product design and the science behind it.


In this webinar we will discuss how the Digital Thread created throughout this process contributes to the value stream by solving key problems:


  • Establishing accurate and detailed material specifications, as cornerstone data feeding into any new product introduction or change process.
  • Managing different configurations of a formula and its recipe variations down to the factory floor while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Laboratory testing, both R&D and at the manufacturing sites, providing closed loop quality information, vital for the research development as well as the regulatory teams.
  • Closing the loop between the science of formulating and the art of labelling, guaranteeing the right product with the right label
  • Understanding and managing the key factors driving businesses towards more control of their value chain, achieving sustainability and adopting best practices in order to meet regulations and the demands of the consumers

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Peter De Moerloose

Director PL Solutions - Consumer Products and Retail

Peter De Moerloose is a Director at Siemens PLM solutions in the Consumer Products and Retail team. He has spent over 20 years designing and implementing PLM solutions for the formulated industry, more particularly for Food and Beverage companies. He is currently responsible for architecting solutions in new opportunities, introducing innovative concepts combined with leading industry practices to help Food and Beverage companies grow.




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