Trended Credit Data: Deeper Insights for Government Agencies



Duration:60 minutes


Why are organizations moving towards dynamic views of consumer economic changes, credit performance and much more with trended credit data?

Find out why and how to put trended credit data to use - for deeper research and identifying meaningful trends and behaviors in how populations use their credit - so that you can act accordingly.

During this session TransUnion’s Daniel Hintz will discuss:

  • The problems you’ll face if you ignore trended credit data
  • How government agencies are using and benefiting from the use of trended credit data
  • Why Fannie Mae uses TransUnion’s trended credit data—and how it’s working
  • CreditVision®: TransUnion’s way of putting trended credit data at your fingertips


Dan Hintz

Vice President, CreditVision Solution Consulting, TransUnion

Daniel Hintz is an expert on CreditVision®, TransUnion’s trended credit data solution that is changing the way the global markets use credit information. He has extensive experience in operations, as well as in supporting TransUnion’s top clients in a number of vertical markets that include financial services, insurance, healthcare, collections, government and direct to consumer.

Prior to joining TransUnion in 2001, Hintz worked for the City of Chicago investigating municipal corruption and helping the State of Illinois Gaming board regulate the state’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry

Hintz has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and investigations and an MBA in information systems and accounting, both from the University of Illinois, Chicago.

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Trended Credit Data: Deeper Insights for Government Agencies

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