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A reliable plant is a safe plant, a wise person once said. It’s also a profitable one, and more likely to give its customers the quality and consistency they expect from their favorite brands. So with the promised wave of ubiquitous sensing and connected devices, we may soon see new ways of maximizing that value, quality, safety and profitability through predictive, reliability centered maintenance.



But if those tools and analytics are not built on a stable, simple, absolutely reliable platform we may spend more energy worrying about the tools than the problems they should fix. This webinar will take a look at secure, simple and reliable platforms that can support the promise of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). We’ll talk about:



  • Measures of asset performance
  • Cost of downtime vs Cost of uptime
  • Some current Unique Challenges in Food Processing
  • Engineering an Easy Path to reliable operations
  • Future Trends: Considerations for the IIoT

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Jay Jeffreys, P E

Director, Industry Solutions at Stratus Technologies

Jay Jeffreys is a director of industry solutions for Stratus Technologies, providing always-on computing for industrial applications. He has decades of industry experience in design, marketing, construction and project management with advanced process automation and operations management systems. He has delivered successful projects in food, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, chemical, mining, and discrete manufacturing industries. He has been a regional engineering supervisor at Bechtel, a senior principal consultant at Oracle, and managed consulting and distribution channel practices for Wonderware, Citect and Emerson Process Management. He's a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis and a senior member of ISA, the International Society for Automation, where he has developed courses and worked on their SP88 international batch standards, ISA95 Manufacturing Operations Management and ISA106 procedural automation standards efforts.



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