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Untitled Document This webinar describes and illustrates surface hardening procedures for a wide variety of steels with multiple examples to show how these procedures alter the microstructure and surface hardness.  Examples are also given of components improperly processed creating undesirable microstructures that caused the component to failure in service. The following topics will be covered:

    • Examples of the following surface hardening procedures:
      • Brine or water quenched carbon steels
      • Flame hardened steels
      • Induction hardened steels
      • Carburized and hardened steels
      • Carbonitrided and hardened steels
      • Gas nitrided steels
      • Ion nitrided steels
      • Borided steels
      • Steels with very hard coated surface
    • Examples will be shown of how such structures can be revealed using different etchants
    • Hardness data for most processes will be shown as a function of the depth below the surface
    • Examples of failures due to improper surface hardening procedures that caused service failures

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George Vander Voort

George Vander Voort, president of Vander Voort Consulting L.L.C. and consultant to Struers Inc., is a graduate of Drexel University and Lehigh University with a background in metallurgy and materials science and 29 years experience in the specialty steel industry. A past president of the International Metallographic Society and past chairman of ASTM Committee E-4 on Metallography, George has six patents and over 373 publications including Metallography: Principles and Practice (McGraw-Hill, 1984; ASMI, 1999) and the ASM video course, Principles of Metallography. He served as a trustee for ASM International, and is a member of several ASMI committees. He is vice president of Alpha Sigma Mu honorary scholastic society. He is a member of the editorial board of Praktische Metallographie and the International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties and is on the scientific committee of La Metallurgica Italiana. He was associate editor of Materials Characterization (1991-2004) and was on its editorial advisory board (1986-2007). He is a member of ASM International, IMS, ASTM, TMS, RMS, ISS, MSA, MAS, DGM, PSS. George is a fellow of ASMI, ASTM and IFHTSE and has 34 awards for his microscopy work including the Jacquet-Lucas Grand Prize and the Dubose-Crouse Award of the International Metallographic Contest. He was named a Distinguished Alumni of Drexel University and a fellow and Distinguished Lifetime Member of Alpha Sigma Mu honorary materials science society. He is an honorary member of the Polish Society for Stereology. He has given over 402 lectures in 39 countries; spoken 85 times at 52 ASM Chapters, and at 74 universities, and has taught 79 ASM Metals Engineering Institute courses, plus 117 seminars for Buehler Ltd and 33 for other societies. He is the author of 9 ASTM metallography standards and 2 ISO metallography standards. He is a past chairman of ASTM E-4 on Metallography and has represented the USA at ISO (TC 17/SC 7) since 1989. Five of his color micrographs have been used to make ties and scarves.




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